Hi! Here's a little info about me:

  • I love trying new things. Right now I'm taking sailing lessons and getting my scuba diving certification.
  • I've got a 100lb bloodhound named Muffiin. I also fostered a dog for the first time this year and found her a forever home. 
  • I worked as a photographer at Disney World in college and ran into Tyra Banks. Literally. I knocked her shoe off and wanted to die.
  • When I lived in New York, I saw three dead bodies, my neighbor was arrested for having a rocket launcher big enough to blow up a tank, and a bomb squad had to remove a homemade bombf rom my apartment stairs. I survived.
  • I've been a vegetarian ever since I made eye contact with a cow in a semi truck when I was 17, but I'm not weird about it.
  • This year I went to Japan and 7 US National Parks.
  • I love the Cubs.

Awards are great, but I really just want to have fun and make work that I'm proud of - work that not only helps a business but has a positive impact on the world.

Wanna know more? Let's chat!